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President Duterte takes no offense from the University of the Philippines Visayas Cheer group

 On Monday, Malacanang takes no offense from the students of the University of the Philippines Visayas after the cheer routine went viral targeting the President. They said that "Let's kill this President" Charot!!!

After seeing the video, Duterte's supporters take it seriously.

  The cheer groups hit the administration because of the issue on the West Philippine Sea and the mandatory law for Reserve Officers.

 The cheer group performer says "Let's kill this President Charot!!!

 According to spokesman Panelo, the President doesn't offend what the group does. It's a free country, they can say & critic whatever they want, but I don't accept criticism in my country from foreigns said Duterte.
  The groups became the target of harassment and threatening by Duterte's supporters. Panelo said that the supporters have only natural reaction after seeing the video. Because they might think that it's not a joke and maybe it's for real. He said that the President is not offended after the viral cheer routine.

 The University of the Philippines Visayas Student Council and other organizations said that they will not consent any wrongdoing of their students towards the administrations.


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