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Presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu hoist flag poles over 3,000 meters mountain

 October 23 Wednesday Hans Kou-yu Presidential candidates said that if he wins the election as a President he will make sure that every mountain that measures over 3,000 will have flag poles for the flag-raising ceremony.

  In Chiayi County, Hans had a chance to meet and greet the citizens in Zhongpu Township. One of the citizens suggested that the Taiwanese flag should be seen across the nation. The person suggested that all mountains in Taiwan should have flag poles to raise the flag in sunrise.

  today said that after hearing the suggestion of citizen he agreed to it. All-mountain measure over 3,000 meters should have flag poles flatform to held flag-raising theirs.

 Hans said that it would not be easy to put a flag poles flatforms in mountains but he will try his best to make it happened to promote patriotism.

  Taiwan over 3,000 high mountains is 286 in all.


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