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Price of palay rice in the Philippines continues to plummet

 There are common problems encountered by rice farmers now here in the Philippines. You can see it in everyday news about the low price of palay. The government officials said that we have a lack of rice stock. They import too much rice in other countries. And this will cause of low price of palay in our country.

         And how about our farmers? They suffer because farmers felt this was a  major problem for them, which cause prices to go down. The low price of palay but nothings change of rice price in the market. The price of palay now is not enough because of the high costs of inputs and lower-income. The last year 2018 the price of palay is 18 to 23 pesos but now 2019 the price of palay down to 12-14 pesos only.

          Farmers have many things to pay like labor and others. Rice production in the Philippines is a very important aspect of the country’s food supply. In other countries like Taiwan people, there are not eating too much rice. They always eat other foods like noodles camote and others. They don’t depend on eating rice.But here in the Philippines, we can’t live without rice.

         The farmers still hope for the solution of the government. Some people said that why did the government import too much rice in the time of rice harvesting. Do we wait for the time that no rice production in the Philippines? And how about the people who depend on that business? All we can do now is pray for our farmers.


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