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Selected Taiwan Post Offices will be operating until 7:30 pm starting November

In Country of Taiwan their Six urban post offices across the nation are shifting their opening hours to noon and closing at 7:30 p.m. starting in November.

Chunghwa Post announced on October 15, that in order to meet the needs of busy office workers in metropolitan areas of Taiwan, it will adjust business hours at six post offices in six major cities to 12 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. beginning in November, reported ETtoday.

The new hours will be implemented in two phases consisting of three stores each over the course of two weeks.

The following is the roll out of the new office hours:

From November 1st, 2008: Taipei Guanghua Post Office, Taichung Yong'an Post Office, Kaohsiung Xintian Post Office.

2. From November 15, 2008: Yonghe Zhongshan Road Post Office, Taoyuan Minsheng Road Post Office, Tainan Xinghua Street Post Office.

Chunghwa Post said that after the above-mentioned six post offices adjusted their business hours, the people’s use of postal rights was not affected. The registration letter was sent to provide free applications for change to the place of work or the new address. The postal and financial parts were available until 12 noon. Handle at the post office, or use other online service such as online post office, e-mail office, and network ATM.

The postal service reassured the public that people's rights and interests will not be affected after the operating hours of the six above-mentioned post offices are adjusted. Registered mail applications will be provided to the public to change their workplace or new address free of charge.

For those requiring postal or financial services before noon, Chunghwa Post recommended visiting nearby branches that maintain the standard morning operating hours. Alternatively, they customers use the ipost website, the epost app, or the WebATM online services.


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