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Several telecom fraud suspects targeting migrant workers were nabbed

  October 18, Friday the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) held a press conference where they said that Taipei Police busted telecom fraud ring to deceive people to give their personal information and used it in registering for phone numbers and sell it to other telecom fraud operations to scam money.

   There are 12 suspects captured by the police on several cities in Taiwan on Wednesday and Thursday, where the suspects identified as 8 Vietnamese migrants and spouses said CIB.

   The suspects gained information on migrants worker by offering them a free service of registering phone numbers said the CIB's Telecom Investigation Corps Deputy Commander Lin Ming-Chun.

   The migrants were tricked to give their personal information because they are not familiar with the process and also they cannot speak the local language. The fraudster is using the phone numbers to scam people to give them money.

  The police discover a larger telecom fraud activity from registering immigrant workers number and sold it to other telecom fraud operations. So, they conducted a raid that resulted in capturing 12 suspects in Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Chiayi Cities. Lin said that the suspects will face the case of forgery and fraud. They will turn over them for interrogation in District Prosecutors.

   The case is now under investigation to identify how many people have been scam using the immigrant's worker.


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