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Super Typhoon Hagibis reduced to category 4 as it approaches in Japan

Tokyo, Japan- The Super Typhoon Hagibis has reduced to Category 4, and moving north at 20 kilometers per hour and a maximum sustained wind of 213 kilometers per hour and stronger gustiness. According to Japan Meteorological Agency.

The Super Typhoon is expected to reduce to 148 kilometers per hour as approaches in mainland of Japan due to cold waters and weather. The forecast track to hit central and eastern regions over the three-day weekend with potential damage from torrential rains and strong winds.

Several scheduled games has been halted and the authorities are giving precautionary measures in all coastal and low lying areas to prevent casualties and severe damage.

Meanwhile, some transport system and other public utilities will be suspended as early as Friday. And flights will be cancelled as the typhoon is approaching in Tokyo.

As early as Friday, torrential rains will embrace the country. And by late Saturday, the Super Typhoon Hagibis will make landfall.

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