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Supreme Court of the Philippines upholds government nurses should be paid not less than 30,000 pesos

Manila, Philippines - Last tuesday, Oct.  8, 2019 the supreme court has ruled that the minimum wage of government nurses should be in Salary grade 15.

Based on Senior Justice Antonio Carpio's sacred decision in a session, the court decided to implement Sec. 32 of the Republic Act 9173 or which is called the Philippine Nursing Act.

As stated in Sec.  32 provided the minimum wage to the government 's nurses with at least a salary grade 15. In a statement left by the Supreme Court in deciding the favor of the petitioners, the court's decision Joint Resolution no.  4 is a resolution that cannot be amended by other laws such as the RA-9173 or Philippine Nursing Act.  These apply to EO 811 where it is not a law but an executive directive.

In the last tranche of EO 201 signed by former President Benigno Aquino, SG11 and SG15 were worth wages of 20,754 and 30,531 respectively.  However, the appeal of the petitioners to be forced by the government was not granted by the supreme court because the enforcement of Sec.  32 would require legislation passed in congress to provide it with the necessary funding.

In 2015 the nurses-list nurses filed a petition in supreme court because the salaries of government nurses were moved to salary grade 10 - 11. Following the implementation of EO 811 was approved under former President Gloria Arroyo.

The salary grade for Nurse 1 was raised from SG 10 to 11. It stated in Sec. 6 of EO 811. On the other hand, Salary Grade 15 became the way to the salary grade of nurses under RA - 9173.

Due to differences in the salary grade of government nurses, this has led to Rep.  Lea Primitiva G. Samaco - Paquiz to raise the issue in supreme court


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