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Taipei 101 was hailed as one of the most influential tall building in the world

October 30 according to Central News Agency (CNA) Taiwan's icon landmark and tourist spot had been chosen as one of world most influential tall buildings in the past 50 years. The management of Taipei 101 on Wednesday said that the award was given to honor the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat for the sustainable tallest building development that becomes a global icon to the world. According to the statement, it was the first time in 50 years that CTBUH was awarded.

 The President of Financial Corp Angela Chang who is the owner of the building was the one received the award in Chicago. In the ceremony Chang gives a speech and she said that Taipei 101 belonged to Taiwan and it the reflection of Taiwan's spirit rather glass and cement. CTBUH hailed Taiwan 101 as energy efficient luminaires, low-flow water fixtures, custom lighting controls and smart energy management and control system. The building is being a central component in New Year's Eve celebrations for fireworks displays.


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