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Taiwan Caretakers and Caregivers sees possible increase of minimum wage

Courtesy of MECO POLO Taichung 

Hope the officials of Philippines and Taiwan will have clear Agreement regarding the folowing

:Wages of the Caretaker will rise
:There is already a contract with factory workers with many side contracts that are endorsed
:Safety condition for our Fisherman

The minimum wage of caretakers, caregivers, domestic helpers currently seats at NT$ 17,000 or around Php28,500 per month. A closed door meeting from labor chiefs of Taiwan have been held concerning the the rights of migrant workers in Taiwan, specially the dometic household workers.

This group of workers are not inuded in Taiwan's Labor Standards Act and earn less than who work in factories like electronics, semiconductor, textile and others.

There are about 253,000 plus caregivers, caretakers and  household workers in Taiwan that mainly come from Indonesia (193,187) while others from the Philippines (31,600) and Vietnam (28,392).

Let's see the update very soon. Do not yet hope for a while and we not sure if all of the DOLE's requests will be given the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

There was a conference  last September 25 2019 the members of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Philippines and Taiwan to finalize the agreements at the Joint Labor Conference (JLC) between MECO and TECO. One of the commitment of Taiwan mentioned in that meeting is that the Taiwan government will raise the minimum wage of our Catetakers, very soon!



  1. we are hoping that must have a salary increase so that we can earn money ,not for agency are earning with us but also workers... think that we have a lot of sacrifices,but we have earn nothing if employers are so strict and no sleep for caring,and 24hrs ,please make this happen... Thanks

  2. hoooraaay...the increase is ours?soooon!perhaps than never🤔😥🤤😓

  3. We hope so..Taking care of elders is not an easy task especially we do household chores too.. Help us Lord Jesus to make it happen..

  4. It must be.. Caretakers are doing house chores to & this is not our work.. Hopefully it will happen

  5. we hope that came true the increase of our sulary of caretakers her in taiwan.....becouse the fuctury worker thers so manny times comes her sulary are increased but the cartaker are note belongs them is sud to all know we are caretaker increases the sulary...



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