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Taiwan Domino's pizza unveil its new pearl milk tea pizza flavor

The Domino's Pizza is now offering pearl milk tea pizza for limited time offer for just the milk tea wave.

The popular milk tea drinks in now in foods. They also serve pearl milk ice cream cone, pearl milk pudding and pearl tea pancakes. After months of developing their new products finally Domino's Pizza launched their "Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Pizza" and they use soft New York pizza dough for their dessert with toppings of shredded mozzarella cheese, mochi balls and brown sugar tapioca pearls and honey slathered on top.

Their limited edition products will last until November 4 at 155 Domino's stores across Taiwan and their one-time limited offer pizza will cost NT$199 or US$6.50.

UDN reported that when Taiwan's enters late fall and early winter, the sales of the company will be higher for 20% than summer seasons according to their internal data. The Domino's & R&D team will choose the highest quality of cassava starch and natural brown sugar and cook it slowly in a jet black to make tapioca pearls.

Their tapioca pearl is complemented with mochi balls were came from Taiwan's grown local rice and their Soft New York crust. According to the report their pizza is being praised by focus groups by its textures.


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