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Taiwan employer should shoulder "Brokers Fee"- MECO

In the annual labor meeting between the Philippines and Taiwan have agreed to discuss some issues regarding the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers working there.

The agreements discussed are only available to a limited number of subjects.  But the Philippines did not stop until it said and raised concerns about paying Filipino workers a brokers fee while working in Taiwan.

According to Taiwan Ministry of Labor, the two countries have agreed to continue the discussion on the issue of fees being drawn from Filipino workers to protect the interests of employers and employees.

Brokers fee is one of the topics discussed of the two countries.  The Philippines suggests to Taiwan that Taiwan employers should cover the brokerage fee rather than Filipino workers.

Currently, Filipino workers pay the brokers fee monthly and it costs them NTD 1,800 in the first year of employment in Taiwan, NTD 1,700 in the second year and NTD 1,500 in the final year.

Other companies in Taiwan have also eliminated the payment of brokers fees by Filipino employees.


  1. Nawala nga brokers fee..kaso bumawi naman sila sa meal fee..ginawa na nilang kalahati ung budget sa meals..parang nagbabayad padin ng brokers ..useless!!!



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