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Taiwan has now ridesharing service launches by LINE

  According to Taiwan new the CEO of Line Roger Chen he said on the press conference Wednesday, October 23 that the Taipei Marriot Hotel has now launched new apps the "Line Taxi" or ride-hailing service.

  Liberty Times reported that according to the CEO of LINE, the user can simply book a ride by using the LINE without installing different apps. This service is the same as a ride-sharing service. The rider can motor his/he rides because it has now a system that allows the user to rate the ride.

  The Line Taxi is depending on it is business partner taxiGo than independent contractors.  There are 3,000 taxiGo drivers in major cities of Taiwan according to Now News.

  The methods of payment in Line Taxi are Line Pay, Line Cards, Credit Cards and Cash. The install GPS in all their taxi's to make sure the safety of customers and they are charged by time and distance.


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