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Taiwan New North City Government Transportation Bureau will open seven pet bus routes

The New North City Government Transportation Bureau will open seven pet bus routes from October 10, and will pass through three pet parks including Yonghe Emerald Pet Park, Zhonghe No. 4 Pet Park and Xinzhuang Sports Park, so that the owner can easily bring the children to FUN. false.
In Taipie, Taiwan In addition to the three existing pet-friendly bus lines — No. 604, 225, and 669

According to Huang Zhong-ping, head of the Transportation Department's Transportation Management Sector, "We held a charity run at Yonghe Emerald Pet Park in April of this year. At that time, we coordinated with the bus operators so that the two routes passing through the park could relax their pet carry-on policy, which was well-received by the public."

If you want to take a pet bus, the relevant regulations also need to be observed by the public. Huang Zhongping said: "Because of the current regulations, pets must be caged to take a pet bus. It is quite inconvenient for large dogs. Therefore, as long as the pet bus is on the train, The bus operators who can take the ride and have the experience of the "pet bus" in Taipei have a good understanding of the regulations. However, the variety of pets raised by modern people is becoming more and more extensive. Is it possible for every pet to take a bus? Huang Zhongping said: "According to the current situation, although there is no special restriction on dogs or cats in the Xinbei pet bus, the driver will judge whether the pet is suitable for boarding."

Unlike ordinary buses, which only allow pets to be brought on board in carriers, pet-friendly buses can be recognized by their LED lights and signs reading "pet bus." Dogs and cats are allowed on the vehicles as long as they are leashed, and pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals.

Some commuters are disagree but to others it brings happiness to them.

what an excellent idea--many people without families only have their pet companions----how wonderful that now [in taipei at least] they can venture out and expand their horizons ---the heavens really blessed taiwan with a progressive government for the people---people that are opposed can just take the next bus---it's not a big deal considering all the joy and warmth it will bring into so many lives

Why? I love dogs and cats.... but this is ridiculous. It’s an inconvenience to those who are allergic to animal hair. Also, Animals, particularly dogs, tend to fight with one another when they are in close proximity. This is just a bad idea.


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