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Taiwan Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu promise to abolish Labor Reform

The Mayor of Kaohsiung and Kuomintang and Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu has a proposal in abolishing the recent Labor Reform.

 On October 16 at Pingtung, one of the audience said to abolish the Labor Reform about "one flexible day off and one fixed day off. According to Hans, he will review the reform. On October 17 in Neipu Township he fixed his decision to abolish the Labor Reform once he sits down as the President on January 11.

 Han's said that his business owners' friends are all complaining since the Labor Reform has implemented. And he promises to abolish the law when he comes to a President.

 The ETtoday reported that Hans said framing it all in one decree no longer meets the current diversified the labor environment.

 Last year a reform has implemented, the employer must give one fixed day off and one flexible day off in seven days works but the unpopular activist group is against the reform but the government stands for the worker to protect their working rights.

The Ministry of Labor answers the issue and they said that giving 2 days off per week on workers improves their quality of life. They demanded Hans explain his side whether he likes to return the previous policy or to force give two days off to the worker without overtime.


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