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Taiwan to Philippines, they continue to improve the welfare of Filipino migrant workers

Taipei, October 28, as reported by CNA, in an annual labor meeting of Taiwan and Philippines, the two countries negotiated about the welfare of the Filipino workers in Taiwan, only in a limited topic. It is about medical expenses, fishery worker hiring fees, dairy farms, and caregiver training.

The meeting was led in Taipei by Taiwan Ministry of Labor, representatives from the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment and the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO).

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Labor, the two countries agreed of having contact channels in northern, central and southern Taiwan for helping workers in updating and resolving medical expenses incurred by Filipino workers and those who absconded in their workplaces.

From the CNA report, the two countries continue discussing the fees incurred in hiring Filipino fishery and the protection of both employers and employees. The Philippines wants the Taiwanese employers to pay the brokerage fees and not the Filipino worker.

The Ministry of Labor said that the Taiwan government hire migrant workers for dairy farms and talked about if the Filipinos can work in that sector. And Taiwan wants workers to have training in caregivers before arriving in Taiwan. They said that they continue to improve the safety of Filipino migrant workers.

The migrant workers from the Philippines are continually increasing in Taiwan.


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