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Taiwanese National was arrested for rape and illegal drugs.

  GMA News 24 Oras Weekend on Saturday reported that one Taiwanese National was arrested on Malate Manila because of illegal drugs (shabu) and for raping sixteen years old girl.

  The suspect was identified as Wei Tang Yao. He was arrested in his home after the victim called the authorities which is the member of Special Mayor's Team (SMART).
They recover shabu and drug paraphernalia in the operation. The Police Chief Major Rosalino Ibay Jr. of SMART said that the victim was introduced by "Gina" to suspect. Yao admitted that he has a conversation with Gina but he denies the rape accusation to him. The suspect said that she only paid Gina for Php 1,500 but he didn't touch the girl.

    The SMART Team found four sachets of shabu in Yao's Condo. The suspect is now facing the case of rape and also charge for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act. The victim is now in the custody of SMART's Women's Protection Desk.


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