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Tau Gamma Phi, Celebrate 51st Anniversary in Taichung, Taiwan

The 51st anniversary of Tau Gamma Phi, celebrate in Taichung, Taiwan with rap music, hip hop dance, and traditional food.
Tau Gamma Phi, otherwise known as the Triskelions' Grand Fraternity, was founded Oct. 4, 1968 by students from the University of the Philippines' Diliman campus in Quezon City.
Tau Gamma Phi , also known as the Triskelions' Grand Fraternity, is a fraternity established in the Philippines. Its members call themselves Triskelions
Their aims are to see a Fraternity System devoid of violence in lieu of the rampant violence pervading the university campus at the time of its founding, to avoid elitism if they can, and to earnestly propagate their fraternity's principles as their way of life.
The Fraternity encourages its members to strive for spiritual growth and to organize socio-civic activities for the benefit of communities.
Their motto: 
"A Triskelion firmly believes in the power of reason, not in the use of force as reason."
It has since spread internationally with members in Filipino communities around the globe, and about 250 people showed up at Sunday's gathering.
Filipino workers put on a show of hip hop dances and a rap presentation, and
team-building games were held to further strengthen the friendship of thefraternity's members.

Fidel A. Macauyag, labor attache and director of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Taichung, spoke at the celebration and commended the organization for its support of its members.
"If an individual member of the group has an issue or concern, then he or she can elevate it to the group where he or she can be represented," 
"The organization can also work together to help solve the problem of the individual."
Just as valuable, he said, is for Filipinos to have people with whom they share a common bond when they come to Taiwan to work.
"We all come from different provinces in the Philippines, and it's because of this fraternity that we are united and guided to become better people,"
Along with its sister sorority Tau Gamma Sigma, Tau Gamma Phi has around 250-300 members in Taiwan in eight chapters in Taipei, Taoyuan, Zhongli, Hsinchu, Jhunan, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, Rodil said.

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