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The Charity of Tzu Chi Medical Foundation gives a new hope to smile for a Filipino with tumor

In Taipei, according to the Central News Agency (CNA) after four years of enduring the face tumor in his face, Michael Mahusay can now smile again. He undergoes sets of surgeries to remove the tumor in his face at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital.

  In a press conference held on Thursday, Michael Mahusay ah 26 years of age from the Philippines first discover the tumor in his face in 2015. The tumor growth very fast in 2 years that affects his speaking, eating and breathing. He wears a bandana in Public to cover his face and because of his condition, his girlfriend left him with his son.

 Mahusay consulted a doctor for free in Pedro Guevarra Elementary School in Manila where the doctors from Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) were there in September 2017. The doctors said that he needs to undergo a set of surgeries to remove his tumor in the face.

 TIMA is a part of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a charity that helps people to provide their medical needs. In 1966 Tzu Chi foundation was established by Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen. The foundation is contributing to better social and community services, education, medical care and humanism in Taiwan and around the world. They volunteer in 50 countries and 502 offices worldwide. Tzu Chi's mission is to focus on giving material aid to the one who needs it and to inspiring love to humanities both for givers and receivers because she believes that the lack of love for others is one of causing a problem in the world. They are the one who provides for Mahusay's travel to Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital to provide holistic medical treatment.

 When Mahusay was already in the hospital they came up with plans to reconstruct the affected area after removing the tumor in his face. They said that Mahusay has a condition of cemento-ossifying fibroma that causes rapid growth of tumors according to ENT Specialist Chen Pei-Jung.

  Chen said that the normal measure of the tumor is about 5cm but in the case of Mahusay it grows to 12 cm that they rarely encounter in the hospital over decades. Because of his condition, they said that his jaws, nose, and forehead were affected by the tumor and it's risky for possible loss of blood so he needs to undergo nine surgeries in 4 months to remove the tumor.

 In a press conference held on Thursday, he said that his happy after the nine surgeries because he can now eat and breath without any difficulty. Mahusay thanks all the doctors who help him and planning to return in the country and look for a job to support his needs and to be reunited with his son.

Source Liberty Times


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