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The secret benefits and uses of lemongrass

        Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) is a shrub-like herb with a distinct lemon aroma and flavor. Dried or fresh lemongrass is commonly used to make herbal teas and other drinks. When cooking with lemongrass, you can use fresh, dried, or powdered leaves.

Drinking of boiled lemongrass (Tanglad) is a great comfort to our body.  It cleanses our Liver and Kidneys, it also lowers our blood sugar and always releasing of urine. Lemongrass contains orientin, chlorogenic acid, quercetin and others.  It helps reduce our body's cholesterol, decreases blood pressure and blood sugar, createnine, uric acid and much more.

Lemongrass might help prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeast. Lemongrass also contains substances that are thought to relieve pain and swelling, reduce fever, stimulate the uterus and menstrual flow, and have antioxidant properties

Lemongrass also good to get rid of Allergies in our body especially when it comes to foods we are allergic to.  If your allergy is to be called itching, you should drink lemongrass and include it some other herbs that will help with skin cleansing.  The itching you can get from your pet care, not bathing daily, to those you know who also have itching, and laziness in laundry of clothes, towels, curtains, blankets, pillows and mosquito net.

It is also a good antidote to infectious diseases because it removes the germs that our bodies produce.  With lemongrass you drink and bathe it or rub it on your body to make it rise.

It also helps to remove the gas pain because it moves and removes dirt to our body that are spared in our intestine for all germs to go out.

If your tooth is defective, use only a lot of lemongrass so that it does not stink and remain odorless.

In people who are exposed to radiation and chemotheraphy, lemongrass consumption is better because it reduces adverse effects on the body.  Taking it should be before and after chemotheraphy. People have a chance to survive if you continue to drink it.

Cockroaches and mosquitoes are afraid of lemongrass, they die once they are spray in.

It can also kill germs in stagnant reas and in reservoirs.  When you pour it with lemongrass water no mosquito will live and you can avoid dengue disease.

As well as snakes, they leaves when they smell the fragrant lemongrass, your life become safe when you use it.

Drinking of lemongrass should be 3x a day, within a month you will find the result of your drinking with a laboratory test.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.


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