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The surprising benefits of watermelon

What are the surprising benefits of watermelon?

1. Watermelon is very nutritious. It helps prevent cancer. The deep red variety of watermelon contains the pigment lycopene and lycopene can counteract the bad effects of free radicals in the body so it can theoretically slow down aging.

2. Watermelon can be good for the heart and blood vessels. According to the US Department of Agriculture, research shows that watermelon increases the arginine levels the body which converted to nitrous oxide and doctors know that nitrous oxide dilates the blood vessels so it can prevent a heart attack or stroke. Also, watermelon is safe for those with high blood pressure because of this potassium and magnesium content.

3. Watermelon is a good source of alkaline water compared to acidic fruits like lemon, oranges. Watermelon is safer because it does not irritate the stomach.

4. Good for the mouth and digestive tract. If you encounter sores or mouth sores it can relieve pain. Bad breath can be treated by watermelon. If you have constipation it can soften or your bowel movements are regular.

5. Watermelon is good for the eyes especially the yellow variety.

6. Watermelon is good for the kidney and the bladder if you have a urinary tract infection or history of kidney stones.

7. It is a natural energy drink. And during summer watermelon can prevent heatstroke.

Watch the video for the complete tips
Watermelon Health Benefits By Dr. Willie T.  Ong

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