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The world largest Caldera discovered in the Philippines by a Filipina Scientist

Manila, Philippines - Filipina Scientist Jenny Anne Barretto recently published research on what is possibly the largest Caldera in the world.

Barretto is a marine geofysicist living in New Zealand.  She describes the existence of the Apolaki Caldera within Benham Rise.  According to her research, Benham Rise is a large ocean of delicate provinces on the Western margin of the Philippine Sea.

The Apolaki Caldera's diameter is 150 kilometers, which is twice the size of Yellowstone, one of the largest Caldera in the world.

In the reading of the abstract, the crest rises with the morphology of a Caldera with a diameter of 150 km.

The Caldera is a large special form of volcanic crater formed by the collapse of a volcano on its own.


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