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Unaccounted migrant worker was caught and arrested because of Facebook Live

Taipei - An  Indonesian migrant worker was arrested by police after they found out that the suspect was in Kaoshiung.  The suspect was arrested for broadcasting herself while singing livestream on the KTV bar.

The suspect was identified as Ah Chuan, a 25-year-old woman.  Ah Chuan has a followers on social media and has accumulated a total of 1,000 for her beautiful face, in the stream of meals at hot pot restaurants and singing at KTV bars in Taiwan.  Because of these posts by Ah Chuan, the National Immigration Agency has given attention to suspicion that Ah Chuan was a fugitive employee from his employer two years ago.

According to the NIA's Southern Administration Corps based on Ah Chuan's latest livestream on Facebook, they have identified the whereabouts.  Nearby is Kaohsiung Main Station.  After the task force set out to find the suspect at a nearby establishment, they heard a song in which the voice of the singer was familiar to them.

Officers immediately went to the scene and when they arrived at the scene they saw the suspect wearing skimpy jean shorts and black tank top holding a micropono while singing to his fans.  For officers to be sure, it compared the picture they were holding on Facebook and confirmed that it was one.

With so many looking at Ah Chuan she didn't even notice the authorities coming in and she was surprised to find that they were behind her.  Ah Chuan was arrested last night, immigration officers asked her if she really ran away from his employer and Ah Chuan admitted that was true.  After seeing all of Ah Chuan's records it has been proven that she has been missing for more than two years.

Ah Chuan was taken to custody for questions.  As a result Ah Chuan will be deported to Indonesia in accordance with important laws and regulations of the Immigration Act.


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