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VIRAL: Beaten old man in E-jeep wants them jail, Girl pleaded for forgiveness

The woman who's in viral video who had accused the old man, see each other face to face in the program of Raffy tulfo in Action

She said in the viral video, that the old man touch her butt and also wanted to kiss her. Poor old man, because of the over acting ang wrongful accuse of that woman he had beaten by 5 guys. Among of them is the Father and Brother of the said woman

The son of old man name xian,  go to the Action center of Raffy Tulfo in Action to let them hear his father's side

The woman who hide her name under Linda was crying infront of the victim and Raffy Tulfo because she knows, that thiers a possibility that her dad and brother will go to jail.

She also said that she have a child and still young, she was hoping that they can talk and settle this problem.

Many people been waiting in confrontation with the woman involved in a viral video and the poor old man.

Alexander Gutal the name of the old man being bruised. His son Xian, found out that there was a CCTV inside the Electronic Jeep (E-Jeep) he found out on the said video that his father is innocent.

His Father does not commit anything wrong while inside the E-jeep. He share the said video in his Facebook account so that every one can watch it and see what's real happen inside thae E-jeep

Xian does not removed the video and he went to Raffy Tulfo's program to gain Justice for his father. After the intense bashing of people to the woman, the woman's  face was cover. He was kept in the name Linda as well as his safety.

Linda insists that she was molested by Alexander, but when Idol Raffy saw the viral video, he said there was no act of touching that had been occurred.

Linda added, that Alexander is Drunk

However, Xian said that his Father drive all day, that is impossible for him to get drunk

The old man still could hardly speak straight because of the serious injury from the scourge of Linda's Father and brother  The victim was committed to pursue the case even though Linda had cried out beacuse her child was still young.

She begged if they could just talk about what had happened. Perhaps because of the intensity of the trauma that had been reached, Alexander continue  filing of the case.

On the said video theirs alot of people who get mad on Linda because of what he have done to the old man name Alexander.


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