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VIRAL: Pinay DH in HongKong sleep in the hallway, outside her employer's flat

According to a source at the Philippine Consulate General (PCG), the worker named, Lorna E. C., in her mid-50s and from Capiz, was seen sleeping in the hallway outside of her employer's flat in Hong Kong.

The Philippine Consulate General waited for the opportunity to speak to Lorna. The employer has locked her out again after she threw the trash last Friday, October 18, 2019. So the PCG officer was able to talk to Lorna.

As Lorna said, her employer was very strict, every time she made a mistake as if she was a kid to write down all that mistake. The employer also kept her mobile phone. She even did not eat well because the employer did not give her enough food.

Base on the source, members of the Jesus is Lord (JIL) church are helping Lorna to go back to her employer on Friday evening. Lorna decided to back to her employer because she said that she would report to Immigration for what is really happening to him.

She must leave her employer before it's too late. Once Lorna decided to leave her employer, the PCG promised to monitor her and assist in what help they can do.

Lorna had been an overseas Filipino worker since 1995 based on government records. She worked as a domestic helper for five months with her present employer but does not have an agency.

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