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Yllana Brothers faces Raffy Tulfo over serious controversies of their owned school

Yllana College of busines and arts incorporated owned by Yllana brother reached out to Mr. Raffy Tulfo in the hope of clearing their names from a serious controversy against thier school.

Two of the Yllana brothers already reached out to the show of Raffy Tulfo in the hope of clearing their names from the serious controversy. However, in a newly-uploaded episode about the issue, the broadcast-journalist burst out after learning that some netizens were not happy with what he said to Anjo and Ryan. 

He was specifically pertaining to the moment when he frankly told the Yllana brothers that their question to the complainant was out of stupidity. 

Raffy Tulfo also took a swipe at the previous statement of the prominent brothers about having good manners, and he bravely raised arguments against the accused

Let us put it in the case that you are the one who been scam, you are fooled... And then you've encountered the people who you believe is the back of this fraudulent and asked you, Would you not feel mad at all? Raffy Tulfo said.

That is an insult “Now let’s talk about GMRC that Mr. Yllana was saying. The Respect was given to those people to were needed to be respected. 

"What Mr. Yllana wanted to be acknowledge. Why? Who are you to be acknowledge? Would you expect that from somebody that your school has been fooled many students. The program host claim.

"They said they were used by the Yllana brothers. It's not even sure if they're actually connected to school."

"What was that they were public figure but they destroy those kids that have a high dreams in thier life."

"What happened to the Yllana?!

"To sad to those students who spent lots of year in your school" 

"Mr. Anjo, Jomari et al, fix this. Whole country were watching at you." Raffy tulfo said.

Raffy Tulfo find out because he called for an investigation since the said institution offered training courses that were not registered to Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Because of the serious complaint, the government agency immediately issued a Cease and Desist order against the said college for offering unregistered courses. 

TESDA and the program of Raffy Tulfo tried to contact the management of Yllana Colleges because of the problem, but none of its ownersresponded

Raffy Tulfo is a prominent broadcast-journalist in the Philippines. He is known for his strong opinions about certain issues in the country. 


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