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Mary Flor Diaz got bronze in weighlifting 30th SEA Games 2019

  Manila Philippines (December 01, 2019) - Mary Flor Diaz cousin of Hidilyn Diaz won a bronze medal for the Philippines in SEA Games 2019 in a weightlifting competition held at Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

  Back in 2016, she is a silver medalist in the Olympic games. Mary Flor got the bronze medal in the category of women's 45kg weightlifting with a total lift of 158 kg, snatch 70 kg and 89 kg clean and jerk.


30th SEA Games Medal Tally Standing as of December 01, 2019

  Manila Philippines (December 01, 2019) - the 30th SEA Games update medal tally as of 12:18 noon today.

   Based on the latest update today in the SEA Games competition, the country leading of games is the Philippines. Here are the medal standing tally:

           Country             Gold         Silver      Bronze          Totals

  1. Philippines            7                 2              1                 10
  2. Vietnam                 1                4              1                  6
  3. Malaysia                1                0              0                  1
  4. Brunie                    0                2              1                  3
  5. Singapore               0                1              2                 3
  6. Indonesia                0               0               2                 2
  7. Thailand                 0                0              2                 2
  8. Cambodia               0                0              0                 0
  9. East Timor              0                0              0                 0
  10. Laos                        0                0              0                 0
  11. Myanmar                0                0              0                 0

Another gold medal in Waltz competition won by Philippines in 30th SEA Games

        Manila,Philippines (December 01, 2019)-Another gold medal for the Philippines in DanceSprots Competition won by Pinoy Pride Sean Micha Aranar and Ana Leonila Nualla in Standard Viennese Waltz and Standard Tango.

This morning also a pair of our dancers strike a gold medal for dance competition. The other kind of dance competition are still ongoing at Royce Hotel in Clark Pampanga

Another gold medal for Philippines at SEA Games for dancesport competition

  Manila Philippines (December 01, 2019) - Another gold medal was added to the Philippines in 30th SEA Games by Mark Jayson Gayon and Mary Joy Renigen in the Dancesport Competition of Standard Waltz.

Mark Jayson Gayon and Mary Joy Renigen of PH is currently ranked 1st in standard discipline waltz with a score of 29.950.


Agatha Wong secured gold medal for Wushu at SEA Games

   Manila Philippines (December 01, 2019)-  another gold medal for the Philippines was get by Agatha Wong in Women's Taijiquan in the 30th SEA Games for Wushu competition at World Trade Center this morning.

 Wong set the standard score of 9.67 among nine athletes who join the competition.

 She also won the gold medal last 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur.

  The Philippines get the gold medal by Wong while the silver medal goes to Brunei by Basma Lachkar and the bronze got by Thi Minh Huyen of Vietnam.


Philippines got the second gold medal in SEA Games for women's triathlon

Manila Philippines (December 1, 2019)- Our SEA Games update, Philippines got its second gold for women's triathlon.

Kim Kilgroe has defended her throne for winning the event this morning. Kim has also won a silver medal for total triathlon domination following the men's conquest earlier.

And Kim Mangrobang has won the gold medal on Sunday.

Women's football enter semi-finals in 30th Sea Games

  Manila-Philippines December 01, 2019 the Philippine Women's Football team enters semi-finals in the SEA Games. Yesterday, the PH women football team won the game versus Malaysia with a score of 5-0.

In Binan, Laguna the Philippine football team "Malditas" score in the first 23 minutes of their games and after this they goal back to back and reach a score of 4 in the first half of their games. In the second half, Malaysia tried to score but unfortunately, another successful goal came from the Philippines football team. At the end of the games, "Malditas'' won the game and advances to semi-finals in the 30th SEA Games 2019.

 After the game, their team Captain Patrice Mae Impledo thank the Filipino audience for their support. All the audience was very proud and satisfied with the performance of the PH football women's team (Malditas).

 And also the back to back win gets the Philippines from men's beach volleyball teams in Subic Zambales yesterday.


Pinoy pride John Chicano get the first gold medal in 30th SEA Games

     Manila, Philippines (December 01, 2019)- The first-ever gold medal in the 30th SEA Games gets by the Filipino triathlete John Chicano in Subic Bay.

     John Chicano surpasses the teenage triathlon sensation Kim Remolino and gets the first gold medal in SEA Game while Remolina got the first silver medal and the bronze goes to Firman.

     The time of Chicano was 1 hour, 53 minutes and 24 seconds that is very new to the SEA games record while Remolino finished at 1 hour, 55 minutes and 1 second. The bronze medalist Firman finished at 1 hour, 57 minutes and 8 seconds.


Typhoon Tisoy entered PAR with a radius of super typhoon

Manila, Philippines (December 1, 2019) - Sunday, weather update, the typhoon is situated 785 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes. Moderate rain and winds will be felt in the Bicol region and Eastern Visayas because of the huge radius of the typhoon that ranges to 300-400 kilometers.

Signal no. 1 has been raised in Eastern Samar and Northern Samar.

The typhoon has a maximum sustained wind of 150 kilometers per hour and a gustiness of 185 kilometers per hour. The typhoon is slowly moving northwest.

On Monday, the typhoon will be situated 390 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes. A possible storm signal will be declared in the Bicol region and some parts of Visayas.

Tuesday morning the location of the typhoon "Tisoy" will be 90 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes and the typhoon will track on the central part of Bicol Province. Storm signal will be raised in some provinces of Visayas, Bicol, Southern Luzon.

By Wednesday, Typhoon "Tisoy is expected at 110 kilometers of Iba Zambales in the West Philippine Sea. In between Tuesday morning up to Wednesday morning, the typhoon is expected to cross in southern Luzon.

The Metro Manila will also be affected and other provinces in Central Luzon. SEA Games might be affected by the typhoon.

The typhoon "Tisoy" was compared to historic typhoon Reming in 2006 and typhoon Glenda of 2014 where hundreds of dead and billions of properties were damaged.

Pinoy cultured and world class talents shows elegance at 30th SEA Games opening ceremony

Manila, Philippines - For the first time, the opening ceremony of the 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) was held successfully at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan this Saturday (Nov. 30).  So the organizers did not disappoint the audience after highlighting various world class Pinoy talents.

According to organizers, this is considered to be the largest production in SEA Games history.

According to playwright Floy Quintos, the theme of the opening dances was titled "The Root of Our Strength".  It underpins the strength of the Filipino culture especially the indigenous cultures.  This includes some dances originating from Bagobo, Kalinga, and pre-hispanic Bisayans.

President Rodrigo Duterte presided over the opening ceremony of the SEA Games, which also prevented him from playing music.

Thousands of Filipino athletes and delegates participating in more than 500 games parade wearing Barong Tagalog, including their Muse Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Also present at the opening ceremony were several Philippines Artists and world class singers like Jed Madela, KZ Tandingan and Apl D Ap

Sen.  Manny Pacquiao and Pinay Boxing champ Nesthy Petecio light the cauldron at the SEA Games.
The cauldron fire symbolizes the competitive spirit and perseverance of athletes to win.

At the end of the opening ceremonies, New Clark City light a fancy fireworks display.  The SEA Games will last until December 11, held in various arenas in Central Luzon.


A world class Grand Opening Ceremony of the SEA Games 2019 is all set

Manila, Philippines - On the day before of the opening ceremonies of the 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), almost all are ready for the region's largest sporting event, to be held this year in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine Sea Games Organizational Committee (PHISGOC), the public should expect a very beautiful opening ceremony at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on Saturday.  This is the 4th time that the Philippines is host at the SEA Games.

Performers such as Apl De Ap and Lani Misalucha will perform at the SEA Games opening. President Rodrigo Duterte is also set to attend the official opening of the SEA Games.

The 11 countries that make up the region will compete in 56 games.

It is also the largest SEA Games with 530 sporting events held in Subic, Clark, Tarlac, Tagaytay, Batangas, and Metro Manila. Philippines aims to win 100 gold medal.

The participation of Olympians Hidilyn Diaz and EJ Obiena is also expected.  Also participating are gymnastics world champion Carlos Yulo and Asian Games skateboarding gold medalist Margielyn Didal.

In the meantime, some venues are ready to be used at sports such as the Subic Gym, which has been given extensive upgrades for the SEA Games.

But the Muay Thai platform for the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, as well as the chess held at the Subic Bay Travelers Hotel, is being refurbished.

The boardwalk has also been set up where triathlon, duathlon, and modern pentathlon will be held.

Students will be given a free tickets to state universities near the Philippine Arena.

Non-ticketed sports such as lawn ball, golf, squash, floor ball, and shooting are open to the public.

There are no free tickets to sold-out games like basketball, volleyball and football.

According to PHISGOC chairman Alan Peter Cayetano, the free tickets given to the SEA Games is in accordance with President Duterte's order.  According to them, ticket holders will not be given a refund but will be given a good seat and free food.

PHISGOC admitted that they still have some problems to solve, such as the deployment of volunteers and the transfer of foreign media to gaming venues.

PHISGOC Chief Operating Officer Ramon Suzara says the problem is always here maybe small or big.  They always support problems through the national committee especially when it comes to concerns in the games guideline.  And they did everything they could.

Suzara also made sure that there was a contingency plan in the event in case of hurricane.


Typhoon "Tisoy" has intensified, PAGASA tell people to prepare of possible super typhoon

Manila, Philippines (November 30, 2019) - Our weather update, Saturday,  the typhoon is now situated 1250 kilometers in East of Southern Luzon. In between Saturday evening and Sunday early morning the typhoon "Tisoy" will enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). According to PAGASA.

The typhoon has a maximum sustained wind of 140 kilometers per hour and a gustiness of 160 kilometers per hour. The typhoon is slowly moving northwest.

Sunday morning, the typhoon will be situated 785 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes. Moderate rain and winds will be felt in the Bicol region and Eastern Visayas because of the huge radius of the typhoon that ranges to 300-400 kilometers.

On Monday, the typhoon will be situated 390 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes. A possible storm signal will be declared in the Bicol region and some parts of Visayas.

Tuesday morning the location of the typhoon "Tisoy" will be 90 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes and the typhoon will track on the central part of Bicol Province. Storm signal will be raised in some provinces of Visayas, Bicol, Southern Luzon.

By Wednesday, Typhoon "Tisoy is expected at 110 kilometers of Iba Zambales in the West Philippine Sea. In between Tuesday morning up to Wednesday morning, the typhoon is expected to cross in southern Luzon.

The Metro Manila will also be affected and other provinces in Central Luzon. SEA Games might be affected by the typhoon.

The typhoon "Tisoy" was compared to historic typhoon Reming in 2006 and typhoon Glenda of 2014 where hundreds of dead and billions of properties were damaged.

According to DGBAS the average monthly salaries in Taiwan are around NT$40,000

Cabinet level Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics reported this Thursday that in May Taiwanese employees including part time workers earn an average regular salary of NT$39,191 (US $ 1,285).

According to the report presented by DGBAS, the number of employees receiving a monthly salary of less than NT$30,000 in May fell to 2.994 million while those receiving monthly salary of NT$50,000 increased by 1.815 million  .

In May, a total of 437,000 unemployed people were recorded with 72.42% stating they paid less than expected, and at 11.43%, pointing to unsatisfactory job locations.

Pan Ning-hsin, deputy director of the Census Department under DGBAS, said the 72.42% dissatisfaction with salaries offered was a huge increase to 64.3% recorded last year.  This suggests a growing gap between the salaries of employers who are willing to pay and the hopeful employees. The only example of this is a job seeker with retail sales experience who is expecting a monthly wage of NT $ 29,184 but it will only be offered at NT$27,271, Pan said.

Despite the new increase, the number of average country employees has been growing at a slower pace of less than 2% on an annual basis since 2012, indicating that local job markets have remained good and stable.

The DGBAS data shows that in the past three years workers have provided nearly 7.1% of Taiwanese workers less than Japan at 37.9% and South Korea at 33%.

Part-timers, or temporary workers, are considered typical employees because they are weaker than full time workers.  They have lower wages, less benefits and protections from their employers.

According to Pan, not all workers are forced to take a job as a part-timer because many housewives and students want to enter this type of work.  According to DGBAS data, only 21.03% of workers do such work because they find it difficult to obtain and find a formal and full time jobs.


Cooperation with taxi fleets in Taiwan wants Uber to expand

Taipei - Uber announced this Friday (Nov. 29) that it is expanding cooperation with taxi fleets, car rental companies and the transportation authorities in Taiwan to change its operating model to avoid breaking the law revision called the Uber Clause.

The company's that based in the US has promised in a statement that all known Uber App and functions will be retained while expanding its cooperation with so-called different taxi fleets and car rental operators.

It will also cooperate with the government through applying Uber technology to different transportation services such as yellow cabs, rental cars and assigned drivers.  Uber has said that two days before the Uber Clause infringement penalty that will be issued,  it will start to implement this coming December 1.

In recent years Uber has initiate a major protest and involved the local taxi drivers who have complained about drivers using the ride-hailing app for which they are not licensed.

Uber began working with car rental operators after the protests took place, partly because of attempts to continue operations in Taiwan, but failed to cooperate to cover the controversy.

In the end, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has decided to change its transportation management policy to prohibit Uber from offering taxi services by business partnerships in the local car rental operators.

Article 103-1 of the Regulations for Automobile Transportation Operators called the Uber Clause was proclaimed June 6 with a deadline for Uber drivers to obtain the necessary driver's license to continue their business under the government's Multi Purpose Taxi Scheme.

The deadline for Uber drivers to complete their license was set for October 6 but it was postponed and change it to December 1. Anyone who violates the policy will be subject to a fine of more than NT$90,000 (US $ 2,949).

In spite of opposition to the proposed law, Uber has promised to adopt a new operating model by working in the taxi industry and serving as a technology platform under the Multi-Purpose Taxi Scheme, which allows measurement of based  in the app, higher pricing and flexibility of the vehicle than the yellow taxis in Taiwan.

According to data gathered from the Uber driver self help association there were nearly 12,000 Uber drivers in Taiwan before the Uber Clause became effective.

About 1,000 drivers are unwilling to work under the Multi Purpose Taxi Scheme, so around 7,000 to 8,000 drivers obtain the necessary taxi permits for them to operate.

According to Uber, about 4,000 to 5,000 drivers have not yet to receive their license due to slow vehicle office operations.  This is also why Uber drivers have not yet to start offering their services.


Typhoon "Tisoy" has been compared to two powerful typhoon Reming and Glenda which killed hundreds of people

Manila, Philippines (November 29, 2019)- Weather update for incoming Super Typhoon Kammuri "Tisoy" as of 10:00 am, the typhoon was located 1470 southern Luzon. According to PAGASA.

The typhoon has a maximum sustained wind of 140 kilometers per hour and a gustiness of 160 kilometers per hour. The typhoon is slowly moving northwest.

Tomorrow morning the typhoon will be situated 1250 kilometers in East of Southern Luzon. In between Saturday evening and Sunday early morning the typhoon "Tisoy" will enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).

Sunday morning, the typhoon will be situated 785 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes. Moderate rain and winds will be felt in the Bicol region and Eastern Visayas because of the huge radius of the typhoon that ranges to 300-400 kilometers.

On Monday, the typhoon will be situated 390 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes. A possible storm signal will be declared in the Bicol region and some parts of Visayas.

Tuesday morning the location of the typhoon "Tisoy" will be 90 kilometers East of Virac Catanduanes and the typhoon will track on the central part of Bicol Province. Storm signal will be raised in some provinces of Visayas, Bicol, Southern Luzon.

By Wednesday, Typhoon "Tisoy is expected at 110 kilometers of Iba Zambales in the West Philippine Sea. In between Tuesday morning up to Wednesday morning, the typhoon is expected to cross in southern Luzon.

The Metro Manila will also be affected and other provinces in Central Luzon. SEA Games might be affected by the typhoon.

The typhoon "Tisoy" was compared to historic typhoon Reming in 2006 and typhoon Glenda of 2014 where hundreds of dead and billions of properties were damaged.

E-bike of an OFW has been stolen by unidentified suspect in Taoyuan City

Taoyuan, Taiwan (November 29, 2019)- An incident of stealing was caught on CCTV at around 4:30 pm last November 25, 2019. The E-bike of a certain OFW had been stolen by an unidentified suspect outside the establishment.

There were three E-bikes park outside the establishment and his E-bikes attracts more to the suspect. Despite it was placed near the wall and will take time to remove, the suspect still able to get the E-bike. It has been seen in the video that it took him a couple of minutes to unlock, he uses the long rain coats as a strategy to not get noticed by passers. After unlocking, the suspect had successfully dragged the E-bike away.

Courtesy of 卡威諾


Typhoon "Tisoy" packing more strength as it moves towards the Philippines

Manila Philippines (November 29, 2019) - For our weather update, the typhoon Kammuri that being watched by The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA) has been spotted at 1,350 kilometers of the east of southern Luzon as of 3:00 am this morning.

The typhoon has gained more strength and now packing 130 kilometers per hour and has a gustiness of 120 kilometers per hour.

The typhoon is expected to enter in Philippine area of responsibility by
Saturday or Sunday and it will be named  "Tisoy."  The typhoon might feel directly on the places where the SEA Games are being held.

The PAGASA are monitoring the moves and strength of this typhoon because of possible chances of turning into a super typhoon.

Miaoli County dropped down its temperature to 14 degrees Celcius among Cities and Counties

Taipei Taiwan (November 29, 2019)- The weather forecast, Taiwan will continue to experience cooler weather as northeasterly is blowing over the country. For the North Country area, the County of Miaoli has cooler weather that ranges from 14-23 degrees Celcius. While Taipei, Taoyuan and Hsinchu County will experience 15-23 degrees Celcius. And New Taipei and Keelung will experience 16-22 degrees Celcius and 60% chance of rain.

While Central Taiwan particularly in Nantou, Yunlin and Chiayi County weather forecast temperature will range from 15-25 degrees Celcius. While Taichung and Changhua will experience 16-26 degrees Celcius.

The eastern part of the country will experience 15-21 degrees Celcius. While the Southern part of the country will experience 19-27 degrees celcius but Tainan will experience 16-25 degrees Celcius.

President Duterte order DSWD and DOLE to chase illegal recruiters

   Manila-Philippines November 28, 2019, President Duterte release an order fo Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to chase after illegal recruiters.

   In the ceremony for 2018 Presidential award for child-friendly Municipalities and Cities in Malacanang, President Duterte asked DSWD Secretary Rolando Bautista to come up with a plan to eliminate illegal recruiters in the country.

  Duterte said he asked DSWD Secretary Bautista since he was a military man together with the Department of Labor and Employment to organized a plan to catch all the illegal recruiters.

  He remembered the 3 teenagers 16 and 17 years of age who seek his help to contact their parents working in the Middle East after leaving the country with fake documents.

  The President is very disappointed and sad for OFW's who experiencing sexual abuses and slavery.


DOLE launches OFW Watch apps to report abuse online

Manila, Philippines (November 28, 2019) - Myra Miguel is working as household workers for 6 years in the Middle East. She said that the work is very hard but she is willing to endure it but the salary is not enough or not even meet the minimum wage and he cannot ignore it.

The Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said that the government always has a program to protect overseas workers.

Because of the variety of apps, we have now, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) launches a new app for OFW's concerns. They can use the app if they have issues need to report.

The app has a wage calculator where they can track down their salary including Overtime, a day off, holidays and night shifts for them to know how much salary they will get monthly.

 According to Rose Manaog an OFW wife, she is now more confident for her husband because of the application. She said the app has a complete list of officials where her husband can seek help if there is a problem.

In a few weeks, the application will be available to all smartphones but in the meantime, the android smartphone can only download this app.

The recruitment agencies promise to have seminars for OFW's how to use the application.


OFW arrested in Hong Kong dropped the case

On Wednesday, the Department of Foreign Affairs announced that a lawsuit filed by an OFW in violation of the law and arrested in August 2019 was dropped by the Hong Kong Government.  This case and decision was made at a court hearing in Kowloon City Magistrates Court yesterday, November 26, 2019.

In August it was reported that a Filipino had been arrested by Hong Kong authorities.  This Filipino works at Disneyland, arrested while walking in the thick and crowds of protesters in the Mongkok area.  This area is a well-known and popular shopping district formerly the Crown Colony.

By the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong the Filipinos have denied that they are involved in OFW protests.  The story goes that he just went to one side to buy food.  The DFA did not provide the identity of the said OFW.


PAG-IBIG approved an increase of 100 pesos monthly contribution


 Manila, Philippines (November 28, 2019)- The contribution of the Home Development Mutual Fund (HMDF or Pag-ibig Fund) increased have been approved. The additional will increase up to Php 100.00 per monthly contribution for all members.

From Php 100.00 monthly contribution it will increase to Php150 per month starting January in 2021 and Php 200.00 per month for the year 2023.

According to Chief Executive Officer Acmad Moti, the department will not anymore borrow money from others because this increase can help many members who are applying for loans.

He said that if they will not increase their monthly contribution by next year there will be a shortage in the fund for Php 1.4 million pesos for money loans and housing loans.

There is a possibility that by the next few years they will increase the housing loans. For Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) they said that the contributions increase of Pag-ibig must increase higher than the department proposes in order to offer bigger loans for all members. TUCP Spokesperson Alan Tanjusay said the members will save big when the contribution is high and their increase of Php 50.00 per year will not be enough. The adjustment was very little for us. "Instead of Php 50.00 per year, why they don't make it Php 100.00 as an adjustment to contribution" he quote.

 By 2021, the annual contributions of Pag-ibig members will be Php 3,600.00 from Php 2,400.00 per year. And for the year 2023, it will increase to Php 4,800.00


POEA sanctioned the 3 agencies that illegally collecting excessive placement fees

According to the Manila Times, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), is investigating licensed agencies of collecting excessive placement fees from Filipino Workers that deployed in Poland. And also they investigating the accredited Foreign Recruitment Agency (FRA) in Poland, and HR Motives.

Base on the report, the agencies from the Philippines identified as Golden Icon Manpower Agency and PLJL Manpower Exporter Inc., in Ermita, Manila.

POEA told last November 21, Thursday, they will start the process of agency violation, once the complainants submit their affidavits. Collecting excessive placement fees would result in the cancellation of recruitment agencies license and FRA accreditation.

The investigation derived from a report of Emmanuel Geslani, a migration expert and overseas Filipino worker advocate, has detailed the illegal activities of three agencies.

According to a report, four Filipino factory workers were paid P270,000 to Gold Icon from placement fees in Poland.   But they need to pay only P8,000 each under POEA guidelines. They also said that they received their salaries from HR Motives and not from the company.

The factory worker's salary in Poland is 1,600 euros monthly, but they received only 550 euros. Geslani said that the 10 workers were looking for companies that would accept them based on their working visas.

Poland needs workers because they have manpower shortages in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.


MECO Taichung announced it's new director

Photo by MECO Taichung 

Taichung, Taiwan (November 27, 2019)- The Manila Economic and Cultural Office has introduced it's new Director.

Atty. Arthur A. Abiera, Jr. will be the new director of the MECO- Taichung Extension Office. He is a lawyer by profession and finished his Law at the Ateneo de Manila Law School.

Atty. Abiera has been working with the MECO for more than two decades already as per our source. He will be the immediate predecessor. Everyone is hoping that his experience will certainly help in promoting the best interest and welfare of our OFWs in Central Taiwan.

Photo by MECO


Well-known Taiwan blogger experienced physical abuse from her ex-boyfriend

As announced by Sina Weibo yesterday  25, a woman experienced Physical abuse from her partner.  The Public Security Bureau of Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality is continuing to investigate the case as well as the local women's organization with victims' concerns.

The victim was identified as Yuya, a 28 year old blogger.  She is very popular on the internet because of her imitation of the make up of Mona lisa and Einstein. Yuya file a case against to her ex-boyfriend for having a repeatedly abused her for half a year.  And she also holds medical records to prove that she suffered physical abuse from that man.

In some surveillance footage shown in the video, a man is forcibly dragging a woman out of the elevator after falling to the floor and struggling to stay in her home.

The value of this incident and video has been viewed more than 2.3 billion times as of press time.  And the Chinese netizens were deeply impressed by Yuya's bravery and demanded that the suspect be punished severely.  One Weibo users said exposing the suspect to bad behavior could help others avoid being victimized in this situation.

In Yuya's story, her ex-boyfriend named Chen had been married several times before their relationship began.  One of his ex-wives confirmed that they were separated because of her experiences in physical abuse.

Net users suggest ways to remedy or eliminate physical abuse. According to an All China Womens Federation study, 30% of 270 million married women experience physical abuse in China and every 7.4 seconds a woman is harmed by their husband.

A member of the womens protection group Lou Ruixue told the Global Times that a wide-ranging support for Yuya shows to many people and will make it clear that abuse is intimate and not private.  And netizens say that when such a situation occurs in private spaces and victims lose the ability to speak the authorities and social organizations cannot provide assistance.

Lou suggested to the authorities to post slogans and distribute booklets to extend awareness of China's antitrust domestic violence law and to inform victims of society and their support.

Today, Yuya's ex-boyfriend is still active on Sina Weibo after the incident spread.  But it closed the comments section in his tweets.

Source EToday


An OFW in Hong Kong dead of drowning

Hong Kong- A 48 years old OFW  had been drowned last Saturday while sailing with his employer in Victoria Harbor.

According to the Philippine Consulate General, the OFW is from Pampanga and was drowned while sailing with his employer at around 3:45 pm from Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Causeway Bay to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Kowloon.

Based on the investigation of the Police, The OFW fell from a sailboat in Victoria Harbour about a kilometer off of Ngau Tau Kok on Saturday.

"They were sailing when he fell to the sea. His companions tried to save him. A passing sailboat eventually took them out of the water. He was unconscious when he was brought to Ruttonjee Hospital and was declared dead on arrival at 4:52 pm." According to the police spokesman.

Before the victim went to go on a sail, he prepared a birthday party for his child on that day and his family was present and waiting for him but a very tragic happened.

The monthly ticket for the Taipei MRT is in danger of being lost

In a Taiwan News report last Monday (Nov. 25) the Legislative Yuan temporarily deferred the 2020 budget for the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit monthly pass saying it did not boost passenger numbers.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je and New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu announced in April 2018 that their city would start issuing monthly tickets within a 30-day period allowing unlimited MRT rides,  city ​​buses at YouBikes.  It's monthly pass is priced at NT $ 1,280 (US $ 44).

According to a Liberty Times report, during a budget study in Taipei City Council on Monday even as Legislators pointed out that the Taiwanese government's budget to maintain unlimited passes is worth NT $ 1 billion annually  but total passenger volume has increased by 3% since last year.  Lawmakers questioned the effectiveness of the program and said it had failed to bring economic benefits to the city.

Ko said that the NT $ 1,280 price tag for the monthly ticket was a good start for the Taipei government which really meant how to reduce the cost.  He added, that the prices could be lowered to better encourage the public to take public transportation, according to an ETtoday report.


Black Friday Celebration started by Costco Taiwan, huge discounts awaits

Taipei - Yesterday Nov.  25, Costco will kick off its third event for the annual Black Friday celebration and all 13 of its branches in the country.  

Inspired by Black Friday, the start of traditional Christmas shopping in the US will begin the day after Thanksgiving.  Costco Taiwan is holding its third annual Black Shopping Festival which starts in Nov.  25 to Dec.  1 this year.  Due to the promotion that promoted by a mad buying frenzy across Taiwan over the past two years, the chain of various branches has set up a smooth parking line to reduce traffic.

To accommodate Costco's expected customers, its opening time in this coming Nov.  25 to 28 start at 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and from Nov.  29 to Dec.  1 will change its opening hours from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.  This annual event lasts from three to seven days in hopes of providing customers with a beautiful, efficient and comfortable shopping environment.

Last year, themgold and diamond jewelry included at discount bonanza provided by Costco there were also a variety of well-known 3C products and home accessories that would really attract the attention of shoppers or customers.  This year, it is hoped that the shopping festival celebrated will offer discounts on over 100 items that are limited.  Includes home appliances, packaged foods and consumer electonics especially the new Apple products that represent NT$ 200,000 worth in saving off on its original prices.

For further this year, some items will be made public on the official Costco App the day before the promotion.  Costco app Vice President Wang Yu-Mei said the seven-day celebration of Costco shopping festival will included various discounts daily.  And the longer the festival runs, the bigger the discounts will be given away.


Two Taipei hospitals failed the air quality test

According to the CNA report, the municipal authorities of Taipei have been requested that the two hospitals in the area accelerate the change in their indoor air quality or risk fines after an air quality inspection where high levels are discovered of bacterial concentration in air and in facilities.

The city's Department of Environmental Protection said in a statement this Monday that there were 23 medical institutions among which the inspections were carried out.  But the two hospitals that saw the substandard  are the National Taiwan University Children's Hospital and the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-sen Cancer Center.

According to the Department, these two hospitals have a bacterial concentration level of 2,588 units that make up the colony per cubic meter of air and 2,740 CFU / m3 respectively higher than the maximum 1,500 CFU / m3 required.  .

Both hospitals are required to increase their air quality by December! 20 and they also need to provide notices and major entrances informing the public that the air quality inside is substandard.

If they do not make the improvements within the specified time period they can be fined NT $ 50,000 ($ 1,640) and NT $ 250,000, according to the department.

Source: CNA


Two toddlers were found dead inside the car

In Australia, two girls named Darcey Conley aged two and her one-year-old sister Chloe Ann were found dead inside her mother's car in south Brisbane at 1:30pm on Saturday.

Paramedics tried to revive the two girls but they died at the scene due to intense heat exposure. according to the investigation the two babies were left for almost 7 hours on the car.

Their mother, named 27-year-old Kerri-Ann Conley, was charged with two counts of murder late Saturday after talking with authorities.

All members of the local community visited the Logan Reserve Road home on Sunday to pay tribute to the sisters.


Taiwan lottery receipt results for the month of September - October 2019

Taipei, Taiwan (November 25, 2019)- The Ministry of Finance has announced this afternoon of the result on the winning result of Taiwan lottery for the month of September-October.

Worth NT$10 million for special prize winning ticket is 41482012

The grand prize receipt number is 58837976 to win NT$2 million.

For the first prize winning receipt are 20379435, 47430762 and 36193504. Holders to match the last 7 digits will win NT$40,000 and then NT$4,000 for the last 5 digits winners. While the last 4 digits winner will win NT$1,000 and NT$200 for the last 3 digits winner.

Here are the special winning combination receipt numbers 693,043,425 which is worth NT$200.

According to Ministry of Finance, Starting December 5, 2019. All winners below NT$10,000 will not be subject to 20% tax.

All winners for the month of September to October should claim before March 5, 2020.


Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook in Hualien County Taiwan

Hualien, Taiwan (November 25, 2019)- Eastern Taiwan felt an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 at around 9:32 am. According to the Central Weather Bureau.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 14.1 kilometers east of northeast of Hualien County and with a shallow depth of 6.5 kilometers.

Intensity 3 felt in Hualien
Intensity 2 in Yilan and Taichung
Intensity 1 Miaoli and Changhua

Philippines 30th SEA Games hosting full of inadequacies

Manila, Philippines (November 25, 2019) - The country's SEA Games hosting is marred by controversy. The Timor Leste football team was left stranded in NAIA and had been taken to the wrong hotel by the organizers.

Even hotels were not yet ready for the athletes, some photos that had posted on facebook shows that they were brought to the function hall to avoid the crowd in the main lobby of the hotel. They arrived in the hotel at around and 11:30 am and it's already 2:30 pm and the room is not yet ready. And also from the original plan 2 persons, every room became 5 people in each room.

Thailand football official facebook page even posted about the food ration which was served to them repetitively and only 2 bottles of water have been allocated in each athlete.

The football team of Myanmar also complained about the bus used to fetch at the airport.

Welcome signages and schedules are just printed in the bond paper and some even have just been handwritten.

The netizen from other countries and also in the Philippines are disgusted by what had happened. The Philippines had allocated 6 billion pesos for the games which have full questions and controversies. Later Sunday afternoon the organizers of SEA Games had asked the apology of the inconviniece.


Philippine Coastguard siezed 53,000 metric tons of hazardous waste from South Korea

Source: Philippine Coastguard

Manila, Philippines - Last Saturday, November 23, The Philippine Coastguard had siezed 53,000 metric tons of hazardous waste from a merchant vessel that had arrived in Zambales.

Upon investigation the solid waste material has originated from Gwangyang Port, South Korea and bound for San Mateo, Rizal. The crews and crane operator of Liberian-flagged vessel who are unloading the shipments were arrested by the Philippine Coastguard and National Bureau of Investigation. The authorities had explained to them about the violation the committed which is under the Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act and the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of the Philippines.

 The shipments has been foun out as phosphogypsum which contain radioactive elements harmful to human health and the environment. Last year August the authorities had also confiscated toxic materials from two different international vessels. And recently the authorities are working to shipback in South Korea the 5,000 metric tons of toxic material out from 6,500 metric tons which was shipped last July and October.

Vice President Leni Robredo has been fired in her post as ICAD Co-Chair

Manila, Philippines- Yesterday, November 24, 2019 the Vice President of the Philippines and newly appointed ICAD Co-Chair Leni Robredo has been fired by President Rodrigo Duterte from his post because of being incompetent as co-chair according to the Malacañang spokesperson Salvador Panelo.

Leni Robredo has been appointed by the President three weeks ago and yet there so many issues upon her appointment. She question a lot on the operations of the authorities against drugs and she had so many media presscon right after every meeting and even had a meeting with the international agencies and other foreign entities. And she even attempted to asked for the copy of state secret files.

All the allegations and interference of the oppositions called "dilawan" in the administration strategies causes the Vice President of the Philippines to be fired in her post as ICAD Co-Chair.

Thousands of Nurses and Caregivers needed for Saudi Arabia, Israel and Germany with salary 50,000-70,000 pesos per month

In the Philippines, this is a good news for Filipinos looking for jobs because the countries of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Germany offer jobs for thousands of nurse and caregiver positions where it can earn over 50,000 pesos a month.

According to a report by JP Soriano of GMA News, Nur-Aisha Hadjirul was one of her interviewees and one of the applicant who applied for a nurse in Saudi Arabia.  According to him,Nur-Aisha dreamed to be finished all her siblings in college but she need to go abroad because of low salary of nurse in the Philippines

According to Nur-Aisha, sometimes the salaries that can earn in a private are reach up to 10,000 pesos only, and because of all the item can buy are very expensive it is not enough for all the expenses everyday so that it can really need to go abroad.

According to a report by JP Soriano, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health needs 1,500 female nurses for their government hospitals.  Their salaries every month will reach over 4,000 Saudi Riyals or 55,000 pesos including a 4,000 pesos salary increase every year.  Applicants must be a BS Nursing graduate and have a PRC License, and must have at least one year's experience as a nurse.

Because the process is government to government, applicants do not need to pay the placement fee and only in POEA should go to apply. You only need to register online at the POEA website before going to the interview.  The deadline for submission of applicants is on Dec.  12, 2019.

POEA Admin Bernard Olalia also said that these are government institutions that when professional workers are deployed abroad they are not vulnerable same as HSW.

The country of Israel also needs Caregivers, according to the POEA.  Their wages can reach up to 70,000 pesos per month.  Job orders and formal agreements are expected to be issued at the first part of the next year.  However, the country of Israel has recently provided requirements and qualifications for those who wish to apply.  This includes the height requirement at a minimum of 1.5 meters or 5 feet;  weight requirement of minimum 45 kg;  should never have worked in Israel and the latter should be able to understand and speak English well.

According to Olalia, patients in Israel are big if they send only a small frame to that country the Filipinos who wants to work there would be pity.

In Germany, up to 1,000 pinoy nurses will be needed next year.


Triplets Cum Laude passes Agriculture Board Examination

Courtesy by Jack Pagaran
Manila-Philippines- The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently released the passers of Agriculture Board Examination this month of November. Out of 13,492 examinees only 5, 538 passed the Agriculture Licensure Examination.

  The recently passers this month in Agriculture included the triplets went viral last year for graduating Cum Laude.

  Ace, Jack and King Pangaran graduated last year with Cum Laude at Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture (PTIA) in Isabela State University (Cabagan Campus).

  The parents of triplets were very proud of their achievements, they said they really work hard for their children to finish their studies. Because of their shortage financially they even sold their land and borrow money from their relatives to support the triplets.

  Jack said that their motivation to achieve what they have now is the sacrifices of their parents. The Pagaran Family was a beneficiary of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

  According to Jack, they went to Our Lady of Piat in Cagayan with his brothers to pray and ask God to pass them in their board examination.

   Currently, Jack is working at the Department of Agriculture (DA) at Region II and his two brothers are also working at the Department of Agriculture in Nueva Vizcaya.


Scholar of Kara David and a Yolanda survivor is now a CPA

Photo Courtesy by Project Malasakit

Manila-Philippines- One of Yolanda Survivor has become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Philip Christian Palabay is one of the scholars of Kara David who is a veteran journalist of the GMA network. Palabay was very happy because his dream has finally come true. Although the journey to his success is not an easy way because of Yolanda its not a hindrance for him to work hard to achieve his dreams.

  Ms Kara David is present during the oath-taking of Philip Christian Palabay in the
Philippine International Convention Center or PICC.

  Kara is very proud of Philip Christian one of the scholars of Project Malasakit Foundation. According to her, Philip Christian is now working as SVG in Makati City.

  According to her way back in 2013, Philip Christian is one of the Yolanda survivors. It catches her attention when she saw the boy. She knows that someday he will be successful and that's why she put Philip Christian in Project Malasakit Foundation.

  Philip Christian took the course of Accountancy in the University of the Philippines Visayas. After 5 years of hardship, he graduated as Cum Laude and given SVG Excellence Award.

  Last month of October, Palabay passed his CPA Licensure Examination.

   Kara David and the donor of Project Malasakit Foundation is very proud of the achievements of their scholars. She said that even typhoon can't bring you down this boy if you have dreams and work hard for it, one day it will come true.


Top 2 Civil Engineer Passer uses only small table when reviewing with his pet

Courtesy of Jeremy Rifareal

Manila, Philippines -Mr. Jeremy Rifareal who became the top 2 of the Civil Engineering examination result 2019 and student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Lopez, Quezon has passed the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination with an average of 93.10 % among the 6,510 passers (43.18%) who passed the exams out of 15,075 examinees.

    For Jeremy, it is not required a quiet place or a beautiful study room to top the examination.  According to Emma Rifareal Aunt of Jeremy, she is proud to show the simple study area of her nephew. In the social media post of Emma, you can saw Jeremy sitting down next to the small table that is fit for a child. And the wall beside him was full of pinned notes for the reviewer and also a dog lying beside him.

   Emma said who would expect that the top notcher of recent Civil Engineer passers will have a humble study area like this.

   The post went viral on social media. Another post of Emma is praising Jeremy's father for its hard work to give all the needs of the family although he is not fit to work anymore still Jeremy's father enters different jobs to support them. Their family is very proud to have of Civil Engineering.


Former K-pop star Goo Hara found dead in her home in Cheongdam, South Korea

Seoul, Korea (November 25, 2019)- The fans of K-pop star Goo Hara are mourning because of her death. It was reported in the local news in Korea and according to Seoul Gangnam Police, the 28-year-old was found lifeless at around 6:00 pm, yesterday, Korean time in her home in Cheongdam which is just a few away from Seoul.

The death of the K-pop star has not been confirmed and still under investigation. According to the reports, six months ago Hara has a record of attempt suicide and was found unconscious by her manager in her home.
A month ago a fellow K-pop member Sulli had also committed suicide and found her lifeless in her home in Gangnam.

Last December 2017, the K-pop member SHINee lead singer of Kim Jong-hyun had died apparently of suicide.


Almost 200 Families were evacuated from their area due to land cracks

In the Philippines, from the four areas in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, almost 200 families were forced to evacuate due to large cracks in their area.  It was notified by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The affected residents are now being transferred to the evacuation centers of the said 4 areas: these are Pananag B, Neptune, Venus, and Pluto.

Large cracks of land can be seen in Pananag B, along with other damaged homes and a church in the aftermath of the October earthquake.

Resident Maricel Enlacinto said their situation is difficult right now and some children are getting sick and  the land owner still wants to evacuate the land where they live so she said they would understand  adults.

According to Barangay Managa Chairman Sixto Taparan Jr.  it is not yet clear to them about the explanation of MGB-Davao on which part of the area will be affected by the cracks so that they want to re-evaluate this again to the agencies.

Right now the local government is looking for affordable accommodation for residents who cannot return to their area and home.

Source: ABSCBN


Sudden drop of temperature in Taiwan lead to several death of most elderly

The sudden drop in temperature has led to death in many people due to myocardial infection.  The 66-year-old woman named Huang in the Jiali District of Tainan City suddenly lost consciousness at 9:24 pm on the 26th of last month at the Zhenxing Palace in Jiali District.  Tainan City Fire Department Third Disaster Relief Brigade Jiali and ambulance personnel Chen Zhikun and Wu Wenqing arrived at the area around 9:28 saying Huang was lost her breath and was immediately given CPR as  first aid and used AED electric shock.  Due to electric shock and twice with high quality CPR Huang regained consciousness.  She was first taken to Jialiqimei Hospital for emergency treatment, then transferred to Yongkang Chimei Hospital for treatment, and immediately returned her good health.  Huang was recently released from the hospital.

Jiali captain Xie Haoming said Huang was in good health now and it no longer felt any abnormality in her body.

Jiali team leader Xie Haoming will meet with attendees Chen Zhikun, Wu Wenqing and Yixiao team representative Xu Jinxiong and Yixiao team leader Lin Jixiang to visit Huang's home.  And on behalf of the fire station, they congratulate them on the wonderful rehabilitation and care they have given their other people.  Huang's husband previously served as a consultant for the Jialiyi Defense Team.  The couple are both kind and enthusiastic for local public affairs.  The place where Huang collapsed happened on the incense burner of Zhenxing Palace.  There could be gods in the middle of the temple so ambulance personnel were successful in rescuing Huang from death.

Source: UDN

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