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2 Filipino Seafarers attempted to commit suicide in separate incidents

As of now we always see and read in the news about depression and suicide of many OFW. Working in other country is very hard, far from family and tired of work.

According to, in a separate incident, two Filipino crew members of cruise liners attempted to commit suicide.

The first incident happened last October 26 in Boston, USA. A 24-year-old Filipino man was working as a buffet steward on the cruise ship named MSC Meraviglia was try to take his own life inside his cabin.

He did not come on duty, so the buffet supervisor and the restaurant manager went to his cabin but they saw him unresponsive. They transferred him to the hospital and later in a stable condition.

His roommate told that he had a fight with his girlfriend. And in his post on social media account that he is tired of everything and it seems like he gave up.

The second incident happened last October 30, in Quebec, Canada. A Filipino man working as a cook on a cruise named Oceania Riviera. He just arrived at the boat three days before he committed suicide. Around 1 am his cabin-mate saw him in a pool of blood because his wrist was slashed. And with the use of his blood, he wrote in a wall a "sorry" message. His workmate did not know why he committed suicide. The Canadian Coast Guard performed the medical evacuation on the Filipino cruise crew.


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