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2 year old boy dead after accidentally fall on suspension bridge at Nantou City Taiwan

Nantou County- According to a police report yesterday November 4, a 2-year-old boy had died last Sunday after falling on a suspension bridge in Nantou County, central Taiwan

Police said the boy was walking on the Aowanda suspension bridge with his parents when it suddenly fell into space under the railing of a metal mesh and collapsed nearly 90 meters below the river. There are no vital signs of the child being rescued from the fall. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Mr. Hsu told the press on Monday he is the father of the boy's died that his son's hand was held by his wife as they were walking along the suspension bridge when suddenly a strong wind comes and it was caused their son to lose balance and thus it fell to the bridge and his mother missed it. Mr. Hsu said also that the hand of his son was held by his wife at the whole time before falling him to the bridge, while he walked past them and held the child's older brother's hand.

Currently, the Nantou District Prosecutor Office has announced that the bridge will be investigated by investigators as it is closed.

This suspension bridge is one of the great attractions in the Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area. It has a long at 180 meters and 90 meters high and has 1.4-meter metal mesh protection on both sides.

Due to the accident, Chief Chen-Chung, Council of Agriculture (COA), ordered the Forestry Bureau to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the infrastructure at all forest sights around the country.

Performing inspections on the Aowanda suspension bridge is done monthly, according to the Forest Bureau.

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