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3 ways to visit Korea without visa

 Manila, Philippines - Last Thursday November 7, The Korean embassy released an announcement to the public that there are 3 ways to visit Korea without requiring a visa.

 The Korean embassy in the Philippines said that there's no need to get visa when you are:

- going to Jeju as a tourist you can enter Korea without a visa
- tourists in transit to third countries
-foreign transfer passengers

 The allowed applicants of tourists in transit those are nationals that are not included in the 24 ban countries to visit Korea with visa-free.

  The following are the countries ban in Korea for visiting without a visa. These are Iran, Cuba, Syria, Republic of Kosovo, Iraq, Nigeria, Yemen, Pakistan, Nepal, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Somalia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Cameron, Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Sudan, Palestine, Afghanistan and Macedonia.

  For now, they need to have one visa or permanent residency from 30 European Country including Australia, Canada, US, New Zealand. The embassy said that the tourists must confirm within 30 days her/his onwards ticket flight after entering Korea. And no recorded offence by other countries such as overstaying.

 Qualified applicants for foreign transfer are nationals who participate in Transit Tourism Program and was transfer through Incheon Airport. The eligible nationals can stay for 30 days if they are visiting Jeju Islan or used a direct international flight to avail the visa-free in Korea. The nationals who belong to the ban countries are automatically disqualified to this privilege.


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