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4 Manila Police officers were arrested for an extortion 500,000 pesos

Manila, Philippines (November 14, 2049) - Wednesday night, 4 police officers were arrested for extortion during the entrapment operation in Baseco Police Community Precinct.

According to the complainant, the police officers had asked her for an amount of 500,000 pesos in exchange for her husband who had been detained due to drugs. Last November 12, her husband was arrested and jailed for illegal drugs.

So the complainant sought help to the Philippine National Police-Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (PNP-IMEG). Bargaining between both parties agreed on the amount of 200,000 pesos. Right there and then the group moves to entrapped the suspects.

The four police officers with rank corporal and patrolman were all beat patrollers of Manila Police District (MPD) Station 5 had been entrapped and now detained at the detention facility of PNP-IMEG and facing the charges of Criminal and Administrative.

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