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A man In Taiwan was hit by a fire truck and had a severe injured

In Taiwan, A 36 years old man in Caotun Township, Nantou Country while walking through the Nanpu post office, was hit by a fire truck last November 18.

A report said, after the service of a local team in the fire department afternoon, that the incident happened. The injury of a man was seriously threatened and transfer him to Changhua Christian Hospital.

According to a report, Deng Nan was walked outside the white line because he had to bypass the illegal vehicle on the roadside. He entered the car lane and the fire truck rearview mirror hit his face and the person was shot to the side of the road and fell to the ground.

It is said that the fire truck was driving in the lane at that time. The fire truck was a big car, the driver didn't see the passerby that entering the driveway. When the firefighters found out that they hit a man, they are hurry to give a CPR first aid. The ambulance came and carry the injured man in a hospital.

The police said that the patient recovered he's consciousness after the CPR first aid of the firefighter when he arrived at the hospital and then transferred to Zhangji hospital. The incident is still investigated.

Source: UDN

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