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A migrant worker dies after being hit by a forklift in Tainan

Tainan City, Taiwan (November 22, 2019)- An update regarding the incident that happened yesterday at around 12:37 pm at the factory in Yongkang District, Tainan City.

A 32-year-old foreign man suffered multiple fractures in his limbs , and the pelvis and lower abdomen were also severely injured. There was no sign of life when he was sent to the hospital. Another 20-year-old man named Liu was slightly injured.

The staff of Yongmei Branch of Chimei Medical Center said that Liu Nan was conscious when he was sent to the hospital. The diagnosis and treatment confirmed that the right foot was open fractured with neuromuscular tendon damage and had been hospitalized.

While the foreign workers got wounds, thoracic vertebrae and pelvic suspected fractures infront and back of stomach. Open fractures of the extremities. The first aid had been applied but later had died.

We apologize the nationality has not been disclosed.


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