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A protester was mercilessly shot and other protester was randomly hit of a motorcycles by the Hong Kong police

Hong Kong- The protester once again block the main roads of Hong Kong. They scattered on every road and the police are trying to control the situation. Police riding in a motorbike was caught in camera driving and mercilessly and hitting every protester blocking on the roads.


On the other part of the road, a policeman was caught on camera which mercilessly shot the protester without second thoughts, because of the protester is trying to help his fellow protester which been arrested by the police. The video shows that the shot protester was dying and blood was pouring on the roads and the rescue were so slow.

 Over the months' protest was being held in every corner and street of Hong Kong. The economy of the controlled city of Beijing slowly declining. Establishments and other public utilities were damaged by the protester.


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