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A teenager found dead in front of his computer due to addiction in computer games

According to abs-cbn news, a teenager in Thailand found dead in front of his computer. His habit was playing computer games all night.

According to the report of Seven News in Australia, 17 years old teenager named Piyawat Harikun, from the City of Udon Thani, Northern Thailand was addicted to computer games.

Parents of Piyawat said that their child was staying awake all night to play multiplayer battle games on the computer. And in the morning Piyawat still continues playing games. They bring foods in the room of a teenager and always told to stop gaming but Piyawat did not listen.

November 4, 2019, Jaranwit a father, as he entered the room of his child, he found it lifeless in front of the computer.  He tries to revive Piyawat but it's too late.

Base on the analysis of the medics, the teenager died because of a stroke due to no sleep at the right time.


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