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A wildfire near the road happened in Western Taiwan, Taichung City, motorists feared

Taipei - A news report was reported yesterday Nov.10 a wildfire spread over a freeway in the Western Taiwan area, Taichung City.  This incident caused motorists to panic, and it caused traffic in the area.

The Taichung City Fire Bureau received a report at 2:20 p.m about a brush fire near the Longjing District City electric tower.  The fire was seen by motorists with a mark of 185 k.m on National Freeway No. 3.

According to a Liberty Times report, the Fire Department sent more than 100 firefighters to the area.  But due to strong winds the fire continued to spread throughout the day.  Within 4:30 p.m.  the fire was extinguished and two hectares of land were burned.

About 10 p.m.  the news spread on social media especially on Facebook that the fire reached the freeway and officials were forced to close the area.  But as the National Highway Police told the CNA the road was still open and patrol cars were being sent to advise motorists to avoid speeding in the area.

UDN reports that the fire was killed by firefighters this morning Monday (Nov.11) at 12:53 a.m.  According to the Fire Bureau, the fire was suspected to be intentional.  And whoever does it will be punished by the Offenses Against Public Safety and violation of the Air Pollution Control Act.

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