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A worker stuck and pressed in an electric sliding door in Miaoli Taiwan

The Miaoli County Fire Department pointed out that they received a report at 5:47 in the evening and rushed to go in iron factory in Dapuding, Zhunan Township for rescue. However, when the ambulance personnel arrived, they found that the injured person was caught in the electric sliding door and was taken by others. There was a pool of blood on the scene. The person pulled out, but the man had no signs of life such as breathing and heartbeat. After the first-aid cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the spot, he was sent to the hospital in the city of Gongsi, but he still in emergency room. His chest and neck were suspected of being squeezed into pneumothorax.  However, there was no obvious trauma in vitro.

The preliminary investigation a 50 years old man that will injured in the accident was an employee inside the factory. It was suspected that the operation of the electric sliding door was unexpected. The police had adjusted the surveillance screen to understand the accident, and the police will check the investigation tomorrow.

Source: UDN

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