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Boyfriend beaten her fiancee and friend when he saw both of them are naked and her friend are on top of his girlfriend

He was shock because he saw her fiancee and his friend having sex. That's why he had beaten the two of them. 

According to the Ardie Albalate, he gave all the needs to her girlfriend, he even send her to school to study in college.

Meanwhile, the two who had beaten by Ardie Albalate immediately came to Raffy Tulfo to ask for help against the suspect.

Raymart Santiago and Nikka Ella Eguallan complained regarding to Ardie Albalate because of what he done to both of them.

They approached Raffy Tulfo's program to seek help from Albalate. But Albalate's defense, he was able to get the pain in two because he allegedly caught Santiago is having sex with nika and both of them are naked. 

Apart from the naked photos of the two also have evidence of Santiago's confession to Albalade. He also said, he's given everything for the bride to be even sending her in school.

Eguallan and Santiango said that Albalate force Santiago to removed all her clothes and he even admit all the allegations that Albalate saying in, fears of he will be killed by Albalate if he wont follow what he said.
Aside from that Eguallan wanted to get separated to Albalate but she cant due to being scared to him.

According to a lawyer, Albalate could not be used the evidence he was holding to be dismiss in the court. But according to Raffy Tulfo, Eguallan and Santiago what he have done wasn't right because the fact that they admit that both of them already had been sex before while having relationship with Albalate.


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