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Bureau of Immigration deported 512 illegal foreign workers among them are Chinese Nationals

The Bureau of Immigration said, that there are foreign workers that illegally working in the Philippines and will be deported on Thursday, November 14, 2019.

According to the Bureau of Immigration, there are 512 illegal foreign workers were arrested in ParaƱaque City this October. Among them are 418 Chinese, 44 from Myanmar, 26 are Malaysians, 19 are Vietnamese, 4 are Taiwanese, and 1 is Indonesian.

As reported, foreign workers are involved in investment scams. And National Capital Region Police Office Chief Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar said that they raid the foreign employees because of the information that they have no working permit.

And now this is the time that the Philippines have to deport the foreign illegal workers. Filipinos are hard to enter in another country because of many papers and process, so the foreigner who wants to enter the Philippines will also follow the rules and regulation.

SOURCE: Inquirer

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