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China becomes the largest importer of banana from the Philippines next to Japan

The Liberty Times reported that China rises to Japan by becoming the biggest banana importer from the Philippines due to improved relations with China and the Philippines.

The exported Philippine bananas in China lasted long after the two countries did not agree on territorial issues in the South China Sea.  In response, China has taken steps to quarantine bananas coming from the Philippines.

The report also says that since Rodrigo Duterte become a President the relationship of China and the Philippines has grown and as a result, the Philippines' export of bananas to China has increased dramatically.

According to the Liberty Times, Philippine exports to China in 1.16 million tons of banana in 2018 this year and were up 56 percent compared to last year.  In the same year China overtook Japan by importing bananas from the Philippines.  Japan imported 945,000 tons of bananas from the Philippines last year.

According to the Philippine Banana Growers and Exporters Association Inc.  (PBGEA) says the growth of banana exports is due to China's large population and its enormous economy.  A PBGEA spokesperson said it was a question of time before China could replace Japan as the biggest exporter of the Philippines Bananas.

Source: Liberty Times


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