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Cockroaches found inside ears of a Chinese man

   A 24-year-old Chinese man as being a shock when he finds out that his ears have cockroaches.

   According to the online news,  "" Mr.Lv visited Huiyang Hospital in South China to seek help from the doctors because of severe pain in his ears. He went through examines to find out the reasons why he is in pain.

   After this, the doctor finds out the reason behind the pain, the ears of the patients have cockroaches. He saw 10 cockroaches that include in big cockroach that they believed it was the mother and 9 little cockroaches.

   The doctor said that maybe the reason for the incident was the habit of Mr Lv that he used to leave plastic foods behind his bed.

   They warn the public to always clean their bed before sleeping to avoid this kind of incidents.


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