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Dry and Cold Weather experienced in Taiwan will continue until Wednesday

Taipei - According to a CNA report this Saturday (Nov. 9)- The Central Weather Bureau said the dry and cold weather conditions currently being experienced in Taiwan are expected to continue until November 13 (Wednesday) as the ongoing northeasterly wind system brings little moisture.

The CWB added that as the present wind system began to heat up on Wednesday evening, sporadic showers could be experienced in the mountainous areas of the north, northeastern and eastern parts of the country.  Meanwhile the stable weather conditions remain unchanged.

The cool weather is expected to remain from Saturday to Monday with low temperatures in the 15 and 17 degrees in Northern and Central Taiwan due to the effects of cooling on radiation that has caused cloud cover.

In other parts of Taiwan, the low temperature in three days is expected to rise to 18 and 20 degrees celsius. On Saturday high temperatures are expected to range between 26 and 27 degree celsius in Northern and Eastern Taiwan, while Southern and Central Taiwan are expected to experience daytime high temperatures of 30 degrees celsius.  This is what the CWB said.

People living in Central and Southern Taiwan have been advised to watch out for a wide range of day and night temperatures and to maintain heat as the mercury drops during the night.

Due to rising Northeasterly winds this Saturday, the CWB said strong winds are expected in all parts of Taiwan North of Tainan, Southeast of Taiwan including Green Island and Orchid Island;  it also includes the Hengchun Peninsula in the South and the outlying islands in Penghu and Kinmen.

Large waves are expected to experience the Keelung area and the Northeast coast, East Taiwan, the West coast and the Hengchun Peninsula.  People living in such areas are encouraged to do outdoor activities so they can be careful.

On the other hand, according to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) the northeasterly wind system is now helping to disperse atmospheric pollutants in East Taiwan which has resulted in a fair rate of wind quality.

The EPA also added that the air quality is fair and that rates are also in Haulien and Yilan.  Meanwhile the air quality is generally good in Central Taiwan as well as the Matsu Penghu and Kinmen Islands.

However, the Air Quality Index (AQI) broke the orange alert in the mountainous areas of Central Taiwan as well as other parts of Yunlin, Tainan, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Pingtung.  And cities in the South indicate bad air for sensitive groups.

Due to the lack of air for pollutants to disperse, the EPA said, that the other parts of Kaohsiung and Pingtung could issue a Red Alert this Saturday indicating air quality is not good for the general public.

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