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Filipino marine engineer suffered second degree burns due to a Liberian boat accident


Nov.  9, 2019 CNA reports according to Hualien Coast guard a Filipino marine engineer was rushed to a Taiwan hospital on Friday because he was injured aboard a liberian boat.  The coast guard will be in touch immediately for help.

Friday night as the cargo ship E.R.  Bayonne heard a noise calling for help around 7 p.m.  that one of his colleagues suffered serious burns in an accident in the engine room.

The Haulien Coast Guard immediately dispatched the boat to the said cargo vessel, which reached 26 nautical miles from Haulien.  The patient was rescued by the coast guards and transported them back to the port and then took the Filipino worker to the Haulien Tzu Chi Hospital around 11 p.m.  Friday, it was said by Ho Hua-Chieh head of the Haulien coast guard base.

Ho said the 27-year-old Filipino marine engineer is currently being treated at the hospital.  The Filipino suffered second-degree burns in his right leg.


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