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Friday the Tropical Storm Fung-Wong will be near in Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (November 20, 2019)-  The Tropical Depression located on West Philippine was turned into Tropical Storm Fung- Wong (Phoenix) as of 8:00 am today and will be near in Taiwan on Friday, November 22.

 The Tropical Storm is moving Northwest with a speed of 20 kilometers per hour and the center of the storm will be at Bashi Channel in the next few days according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

 But the Facebook group Twtybbs the Tropical Storm is moving quickly to hit Bashi Channel on Thursday, November 21. Based on what they have posted in the social media the storm is getting stronger approaching Taiwan. The Facebook group said in their post that the storm will near in Taiwan on Friday or Saturday. For the next 36 hours, they can determine where the storm will make landfall.

The WeatherRisk wrote on their Facebook page that the storm is moving fast near to southern Taiwan than Tropical Storm Kalmaige. They are expecting the storm will come to Taiwan on Friday.

After the storm reaches the sea and hiding to coastal of southern Taiwan there are changes in the predictions. Some said it will landfall to Bashi Channel and other said it will hiding to the north in island east coast.

The WeatherRisk said they needed to observe the storm for 2 days to have a clear direction to where the storm will landfall.


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