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Hong Kong is moving to a precursor of internet ban

The Hong Kong High Court agreed to the application of the Department of Justice of the Hong Kong Government. Temporary injunction prohibits statements on the Internet and other platforms that encourage, assist, incite or incite others to use or threaten to use violence to injure or destroy property, valid until 10:30 am on the 15th.

Compilation of Mao Yi/Comprehensive Report On the occasion of the netizen’s launch of a mask on the Western Halloween night in October 31st to protest against the Hong Kong Government’s October implementation of the “Forbidden Mask Law”

As the aforementioned injunction also applies to the "Lian Deng Discussion Area" known as "Hong Kong PTT" and the encrypted communication software Telegram, the netizens questioned that the servers of Lian Deng and Telegram are not located in Hong Kong. The Department of Justice has fundamentally hindered law enforcement. Hard to do. Netizens have criticized that the practice of the Hong Kong Government has been ruined. 

It is only forbidden and does not know how to deal with the current situation. On his "Facebook", Lian Deng urged the Hong Kong Government to listen to the public's demands and not always resort to suppression to undermine Hong Kong's international reputation.

Francis Fong, honorary president of the Hong Kong Information Technology Industry Association, pointed out that the Department of Justice's move seemed to be a precursor to an internet ban, according to Liberty Times. Pan-Democratic members of the Legislative Council condemned this use of “extreme power.”

During the Halloween parade, netizens called for a march from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to the well-known "Lan Kwai Fong" in Central. At about 8 o'clock in the evening, the crowd began to set off. The police have previously said that in order to celebrate Halloween, masks and dressing are not forbidden, but the police have the right to ask anyone in the public place to remove the mask, masked items or erase the face. If they do not obey, the warning will be The removal of masked items by force also has the right to arrest.

On the other hand, according to statistics as of October 23, since the outbreak of the campaign in June, 2,71 people have been arrested, of which about 50 are students and 200 are college students. It is 58 of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and 57 of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

It was also reported that Hong Kong Police spokesman Xie Zhenzhong applied for immigration to the United States and New Zealand refused to apply for the study of the son of the "Baotou Sheriff" Liu Zeji, who was armed with shotguns outside the Kwai Chung Police Station in New Territories in July, indicating that the Western countries continued to support the port. Human democracy struggle


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