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In Taiwan, a newborn baby was thrown in a wasteland and eaten by stray dogs

A baby found in a wasteland in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan and believed that it was eaten by a pack of stray dogs.

The Police said that they were found some tiny bones in the wasteland, and local media said that a newborn baby was put in a plastic bag and threw in a wasteland.

In a report said, the parents of the baby were met online and they lived together in a rented flat in Kaohsiung's Siaogang District. They had been a financial problem. A mother is 19 years old with mental health problems, and the father is 28 years old. The two decided to abandon the newborn baby in a wasteland.

The couple was fled but the police traced them. The case is being investigated. The Social Affairs Bureau encourage young parents for counseling on how to be a good parent.

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