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List of 27 items were forbidden from Balikbayan boxes

The Philippine Bureau of Customs has a new law of customs prohibited the 27 items inside the balikbayan boxes.

 This law will affect our traditional balikbayan boxes from our loved ones because there are items that always present in the balikbayan boxes that are included in the forbidden items.

 These are the following items that should not include in your balikbayan boxes to the Philippines:

- dog and cat fur
- cultural artifacts and pottery
- dismantled auto parts (Chop chop)
- alcoholic beverages
- firearms, explosives, guns and it's parts
- hazardous materials
- food products such as cheese and meat
- trophies, gold, and Haitian
- meats, livestock, and poultry
- merchandise from an embargoed country
- textiles (roll)
- trademarked and copyrighted articles
- fluids and perishable food items
- automobiles (any parts)
- ceramic tableware
- Defense articles or items with military or proliferation applications
- prohibited drugs and drugs paraphernalia
-fish and wildlife
- fruits and vegetables
- game and hunting
- animal hide drum
- medications
- plants and seeds, soil and pets
- used clothing or shoes of commercial quantity (Ukay-ukay in bales/boxes)
- pornographic materials
- jewelry
- pirated items (DVD, CD, Tapes and etc.)

 These items are forbidden in Balikbayan boxes are according to the law of Section 101 Tariffs and Customs Code of the Philippines.


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