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LOOK: House relocation for Yolanda Victims left unfinished in Guiuan Eastern Samar

 Way back in November 2013, the Philippines was hit by "super typhoon Yolanda" it leaves severe damages in other places and mainly Tacloban City where there is a lot of people found dead and a lot of houses was destroyed. after the super typhoon. Because of what happened the there is a lot of donations come from other countries and also in our nation from individuals and organizations. The past administration had so much fund and they make a project called "Pabahay" it is for the Yolanda's victims relocation. Unfortunately like the "Pabahay" in Tacloban City it was not finished. The past administration had been questions what happened to the funds why its the they do not finished the project that there is a lot of people waiting for that because their house was completely destroyed by the Typhoon. One of the "Pabahay" project from the last administration is in Brgy. Sapao Guiuan Eastern Samar is still unfinished. One of the residents is calling the attention of our government to help finish the Pabahay projects because there is a lot of people that don't have a house. The past administration make this project but leave it without finishing. The netizen said that it will be better to finish the Pabahay to help the people instead of not using it.

Courtesy: Emilio Baguis


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