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Man dead after exploding septic tank he was cleaning

Coutesy by TVBS news
In a Tvbs news report, a man was cleaning the septic tank to prove he finished cleaning it after work, but he threw an ignited newspaper into the septic tank that caused the biogas explosion inside the pipeline.  The explosion was so severe that the area was damaged and the man died.

According to a comprehensive foreign media report, the former owner of Cakung in East Jakarta, Indonesia hired a man to come to their house to clean the septic tank and then pay the man.  The septic tank was checked by the man if it was empty.  After seeing it empty it threw a newspaper.  CCTV monitors can be seen on the scene.  The septic tank exploded within 2 minutes and caused a fire all over the floor and the area collapsed.  The man also fell into the hole.

Police immediately arrived quickly and took the man to the hospital.  The owner of the septic tank was injured in the waist.  Pangji Police Chief Pandji Santoso said the septic tank, known as biogas, contained methane gas from the manure. In a nutshell, the suspect here and the victim in the incident were the man who was going to make cleaned the septic tank.

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