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MECO confirmed to hire Engineers for TCT Machinery Industry Inc with salary of US$3,000 + NT$30,000 allowance and a car

courtesy of MECO Taichung

Changhua County- Yesterday the official from MECO Taichung, headed by Mr. Fidel Macauyag the Philippine Labor Attache to Central Taiwan has conducted an on-site visitation at  TCT Machinery Industry Inc in Changhua County.

The official had inspected the company and for the first time, the company will conduct direct hiring for Engineers with a salary of US$3,000 and NT$30,000 as a subsidy for food and accommodation with an issued company car. According to MECO Taichung.

Meanwhile they also visited the company Da De Xing, which will hire also for the first time. They will hire factory workers with a minimum wage salary but with free foods and accommodation.

courtesy of MECO Taichung



  1. Does the company hiring license engineer or they can accept Graduate or Engineering Courses?

  2. Good news for our engineers!



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