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Mini 7-Eleven vending machines in Taiwan are now across the country

Taipei, Taiwan- There are 140 Mini 7-Eleven vending machines has expanded across the country of Taiwan.

According to a report, many people in the offices are always busy. A Mini 7-Eleven offers grab-and-go foods and drinks that put in office buildings and stations. People can pay through cash, e-payment cards, and icash.

A Mini 7-Elevens sell the most popular foods and drinks at different locations. They sell such as chips, cookies, chocolates, cakes, jellies, sandwiches, sushi rolls, braised dishes. Drinks such as cola, bottled water, canned coffee, and others.

When the foods and drinks are running out of stocks, the personnel in a near 7-eleven store are in charge to fill the machine.

It helps a lot in all people that don't want to go outside offices or work. They can also save time.

Source: Taiwan news

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